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We have been authorized by National Tax Agency through The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan as the Designated Shop for Tax Exemption Purchase for Foreign Establishments.
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Nature Shop 特選コ-ナ-

鏡筒 (天体望遠鏡)




ネイチャーショップ Kyoei Osaka
Nature-Land Nose

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FAQ about International Orders

1. Do you ship the products to overseas?
Yes, we can ship our original products and other dealing products to most countries.
Please note, however, that some of our products can not be shipped to some countries by contract with manufacturer.

2. How do I place the order?
You can place the order via email or at our retail stores.

3. What time is your business hours?
Our store is open from 10:00AM to 7:00PM on Monday through Saturday, except New Year Holiday, but closed on every Sunday.

4. Is international order free shipping charge?
No, the international order is not free shipping charge. Our prices do not include any overseas freight charge, shipping charge and handling charge. We use EMS of Japan Post for overseas shipment.

5. Is there the minimum order?
Yes, the minimum ordering amount is JY 30,000 per order.

6. When do I have to pay the amount?
You should make the payment within 3 days after receiving our email showing the total amount including the cost of products and all other additional charges.

7. Should I pay the Japanese consumption tax?
No, you do not need to pay. The international orders are not applied Japanese Consumption Tax. For your reference, the current Consumption Tax is 8% of the price of products in Japan.

8. Do I have to pay any customs clearance fee or duties in my country?
Yes, you need to pay the tax, duty, and all other charges in YOUR country, as these charges are not included in our price. We suggest that you should check these costs before placing order.

9. How do you ship the order?
We will ship your order by EMS of Japan Post. We do not use any courier services such as FedEx, UPS and DHL.

10. Can I get the tracking number?
Yes, we can send you the shipping information including the tracking number as soon as shipped to you.

11. How can I pay?
We accept PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer only. In the case of PayPal, you do not need to pay additional payment fee to us. In the case of the bank wire transfer, you should pay the all banking charges. We cannot accept any other payment method, e.g. bank check, personal check, etc.

12. How do I pay via PayPal?
You need to get your own Account of PayPal beforehand. You can use the PayPal Account of yourself only. We can ship only to the address which is registered on PayPal Account. After receiving your order, we send our bill to PayPal so that the amount will be paid to us from your Account.

13. How do I pay via Bank Wire Transfer?
Please mark on “OUR” (Applicant) on the SWIFT instruction. The “OUR” instruction means that all banking fees for remittance should be paid by you. In the case that your bank does not accept this method for the payment of banking fees, please let us know it so that we add JYen 4,000 to the cost of products as the banking fee in Japan.

14. How long does it take to ship the order?
We ship your order in 3-5 business days after your payment in general. You will be informed by us the shipping schedule in the case the shipment delays.

15. How should I do if I received the products damaged?
We pack carefully the products, and the shipment is covered by insurance. In the case that the ordered products reach you with damage, please contact immediately to the post office in your area, then contact us by email as soon as possible. This procedure is necessary to be covered by the insurance.

16. How should I do if the wrong products reached?
In the case that you received the wrong products or defective one, please contact us by email without delay. We make a sincere effort to solve the problem.

17. Can I return the products to you?
Sorry, we cannot accept your return of products basically. But, if you received the products with damage or wrong products, we of course repair or replace the products. Please refer to the above 15 and 16.

18. I am now outside Japan, but want you to send my order to address in Japan. Can I buy your products without Consumption Tax?
Sorry, you need to pay Japanese Consumption Tax. If the address for delivery is outside Japan, you do not need to pay Japanese Consumption Tax.

About the Tax-free shopping at our retail store

19. I am going to visit Japan. Can I purchase at your physical retail store without paying Japan's consumption tax?
Yes, we are the Tax-free store approved by Japan Tax Office. You can purchase products at our retail store without paying the consumption tax through the correct procedure of Tax-free.

20. How would my purchasing be applied as the Tax-free?
You have to be a temporary visitor to Japan as the precondition. It is not eligible if you are staying in Japan more than six months or working in Japan. Please refer to the site of "The Japan Tax-Free", then bring our store your passport with you. An acceptable passport is not a copy or other person's, but actual yours only.

21. How can I pay?
The payment methods at our retail store are Cash and Cards. We welcome JPY only. We are sorry we cannot accept USD or any other currencies. We honor the Credit Cards including VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, JCB, Discover and UnionPay.

22. I am just in Japan but have no time to stop by your shop. Could you apply my order the Tax-free by the Cash on Delivery to my Hotel in Japan?
No, the Cash on Delivery is not allowed as the method of the Tax-free shopping. Please stop by our store because we have to check your actual passport directly, if you would prefer the order applied the Tax-free.

Can I ask other questions to you?
Yes, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions by email. Thank you !

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